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In response to the 2017 summer wild fires, the outpouring of generosity from individuals, churches, dioceses, charitable organizations and other businesses and organizations across Canada, was incredible.  In the midst of tragedy, God's presence was felt in contributions of food, clothing, hand made quilts, blankets, prayer shawls by the dozen, household items, monetary donations, loving prayerful support, hugs, shared tears and laughter, the forging of friendships, and communities pulling together, stranger helping stranger... the Holy Spirit swept through the Territory as swiftly as the fires.

 $33,000 was distributed to the parishes within the Territory of the People to provide a Relief Fund to those in our communities affected by the wild fires.

Each community was requested to submit a written report to Bishop Barbara outlining how the funds were used... the attached article provides some examples of how these funds were used within the parishes.