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Theology of Money resource tackles economic ‘idolatry’

The Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 brought economic inequality and its attendant social ills to the forefront of public conversation, marked by its language of the ‘99 per cent’ and the wealthiest one per cent. Five years later, the questions raised by the movement continue to resonate.

Within the Anglican Church of Canada, the need to consider these economic realities found expression during the 2010-2013 triennium through the Faith, Worship, and Ministry committee. Addressing such issues in light of the Christian faith, the committee said, would require deeper reflection in the next triennium—not just on subjects such as poverty and inequality, but on the meaning and theological implications of money itself.

After discussions throughout 2014 and 2015, the Task Force on the Theology of Money has completed its work and presented it to the public. On the Theology of Money: A Resource for Study and Discussion is available free online and provides Canadian Anglicans with a comprehensive resource that includes an essay on the theology of money, guidelines for group discussion, a series of reflections and questions, and musical and liturgical resources.

The full article describing the initiative can be found here