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 We know we are all busy with many things even though we're in the midst of a pandemic and we think we have all been longing to see each other.  So it seems apropos that we gather in the only way that is possible for us at this time.  

We've scheduled a Zoom Fellowship time every Thursday. Make a coffee or tea it would be lovely to have you join in and to have a visit together.  All you have to do is click on the Zoom link below (as long as you have downloaded the free version of Zoom on to your computer) and we should be off to the races. To join us click here

We can have a chat together, do a brief Advent reading and then, if there is interest, we can do a Centering Prayer Group Meditation together.   The main reason for us to get together is simply for us to get together--to see each other, to connect and to share our love for one another.  

If you have any questions ahead of time (or anytime) please call me at 250 453 2022 or contact me via return email.   Know you are in my thoughts and prayers, daily,  

Blessings,   Martina   Martina Duncan is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

St. Albans weekly Fellowship Time - 7 pm each Thursday.  

To join us click here