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Dear Friends:

Please keep the community of Merritt in your prayers. On Thursday night January 10th an arsonist struck four churches in Merritt including the Crossroads Community Church on Voght Street where the fire was extinguished leaving minimal damage. The front door of All Saints Anglican in Scw’exmx reserve was broken down but no fire erupted. Also on reserve, the Roman Catholic Church had a gas can thrown through a window but thankfully no fire erupted. Sadly the historic Murray United Church in the Nicola Ranch village near the old Court House on the old highway from Kamloops to Merrittwas totally destroyed.

I am grateful to Anglican church Warden John Isaac, Marlena Anderson and the Rev. Angus Muir for meeting with the police today and working with the local band to secure our church building. Valuable items have been removed from All Saints and will remain in a secure location until the police have made an arrest.

Please hold the community of Merritt and surrounding area in your prayers as they deal with the loss of a historic church that has served the Nicola Valley since 1876, and the attempt on the other three spiritual homes. We ask God’s protection on all the faith communities in the area and pray for all who are affected by this violence against the churches.

Blessings to all including our United Church friends, Bishop Barbara

Photo: Murray Church on fire in the early morning hours of Friday. Photo credit: Pam Taylor via Facebook

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